Billetspin Thrust – Information Post (UPDATED)

The Billetspin Thrust is upon us. This has been the top of many names, ranging from the Orchid originally for its floral look, then the Iris but that was taken already before landing on the Thrust. It is a return to three piece tops for Billetspin, and the Triskelion aside is the first threebilletspin thrust piece since the K2 a full year ago!

Price: $150+
Dimensions: width 1.24” (31.5mm)
Weight: 51g

For the chart of all combinations please see the bottom of the page
How to buy a Billetspin Top

Next Thrust Release

billetspin thrust Combination: Zirc / Timascus / Titanium (What are these?)
Date: 14th November 2017
Price: $250


Billetspin Thrust Design

The thrust is a three piece top, consisting of the stem, the innermost ring, and the outer ring. The presiding design brief for the thrust is for no milling to be used in the manufacture. Generally Billetspin uses a milling technique (a moving cutting blade rather than moving material and stationary blade) in order to achieve fine detail and design. However the aim with this spinning top was to look more “traditional”

Due to the machining guidelines we can see all circular shaped on the body. This is due to the nature of not using milling. Hbilletspin thrust owever it also adds a simplicity and smoothness which isn’t always seen from Billetspin. Originally the top was going to have a very long stem in order that users could spin with a two handed technique. However this idea was scrapped in favour of the more rounded stem design.

The inner ring is a single piece of material and has been praised for the way that it can show off exotic materials. Though eventually the outer ring too will be made from exotics, it is the inner ring which is really the showcase piece. Fittingly there will be some exciting new materials showcased in this design, including carboquartz as well as some new Damascus patterns.

Some of the tops had issues when being made, and so the bodies were released as top stands, and sold for $50.


The thrust will be released in a similar fashion to the exotic material Matrixes, in that there will one top released at a time with gaps for manufacture in billetspin thrust between. Each top will have fixed quantities as all of the tops will be made prior to sale. This is a slightly different move for Billetspin, but will mean that there should be fewer complications or setbacks when it comes to managing quantity.

The first thrust is due for release in mid-September, with a predicted 16 combinations to follow. This is predicted to take about 2 months for the entire release. After the second combination is announced a chart will be made here documenting the different combinations.

Here is the ongoing chart of all of the confirmed combinations.

Billetspin Thrust
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No.ComboFinishesPriceRelease date
20Modified BW Timascus/Black Timascus/Polished Zirc$4758th December
19Zirc / Zirc / Zric$2255th December
18 Polished and flamed 3cm VF/Wire wheel copper/Polished zirc$2601st December
17 Feather timascus/polished zirc/polished SS$37528th November
16Zirc/Spiro dammy/polished zirc stem
Zirc/Reptilian dammy/polished zirc
$27524th November
15Polished SS/Polished Bronze/polished SS$15021st November
14Zirc/Spiro dammy/polished SS stem
Zirc/Reptilian dammy/polished SS stem
$27517th November
13Zirc/timascus/polished and flamed titanium$25014th November
12Polished Bronze/bead blasted 3cm/polished Bronze
Polished copper/2cm/polished SS
$22510th November
11Polished SS/Spiro dammy/polished SS
Polished SS/Reptilian dammy/polished SS
$2257th November
10Tri-Metal (three different metals per top)6$Unknown2nd November
9Zirc / CarboQuartz / Zirc2 - Matte and polished finishes on the Zirc outer$32527th October
8Anodized Ti / SS / Anodized Ti2 - Also available in Anodized Ti / Anodized Ti / SS$23020th October
7Damasteel / Superconductor / SS$32517th October
6SS / Cu / SS3 - Copper flamed, Machine and Blasted finish$150 - $16012th September
5Br / Cu / Br2 - Copper either polished or matte$1504th October
4Damasteel / Anodized Ti / SS$29029th September
3Mokume / Glow / SS$25026th September
2SS / SS / SS5 - mixture of polished machine finished and bead blasted$15019th September
1SS / Black Timascus / SS$27515th September

Limited or Unreleased

There have been many different combinations made that havent made it to general realease, for one reason or another. This could be testing materials and combinations, or one-offs made for various reasons. The thrust has seen more of these than other tops, so the following chart will track these.

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There is a list of provisional combinations, however these are highly subject to change. Here is the first draft:

  • SS/Black Timascus/SS Sold
  • SS/SS/SS (Released with four different finish combinations) Sold
  • Bronze/Copper/Bronze Sold
  • Copper/SS/Copper Sold
  • SS/copper/SS Sold
  • Copper/bronze/copper Sold
  • Flamed VF Mokume/polished Copper/machined finish Bronze
  • Polished and flamed Damasteel/titanium/blue electro anodized titanium
  • Timascus/twist Damascus/titanium
  • Blurple electro anodized titanium/Spiro Dammy/polished SS
  • Polished and flamed Zirc/ polished 3 Colour Mokume/copper
  • SS/Copper/Bronze
  • Polished and flamed Timascus/polished and flamed Zirc/polished and flamed Zirc
  • Bronze/SS/Bronze
  • Polished flamed Zirc/Carboquartz/polished flamed Zirc
  • Polished SS/Superconductor/Copper

Here is a guide to all materials and abbreviations.