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  • The Time Coil spinning top is the first major release by Spin Designs by Cami. She has made multiple tops before, but in limited or single releases. However, the experienced machinist is now expanding in a hope to grow her [...]
  • The Ray Cutler special from Vorso is an elaboration on the core concepts of the Mk.1 spinning top, mixing a proven design ratio with an epic back story. It’s rare that a spinning top has an interesting story at all, let [...]
  • thrust updated info page
    The Billetspin Thrust is upon us. This has been the top of many names, ranging from the Orchid originally for its floral look, then the Iris but that was taken already before landing on the Thrust. It is a return [...]
  • The Nexus spinning top from Billetspin is a pure bred long spinner. Looks were not taken into account with this design. It was made with the single goal of spinning for over 30 minutes on a single spin. Price: $130 [...]
  • billetspin crown
    The Crown is the first mini spinning top by Billetspin. It was also the first spinning top with a stem from them in 2017. The Crown carries on the trend from the end of 2016 of having cheaper models of [...]
  • billetspin christmas top
    The Christmas spinning top from Billetspin was a present from the whole team, back to the community. No Christmas tops were available for sale, instead all of them were given away in a big Facebook giveaway. Price: Free Release Date: [...]
  • Billetspin Torus
    The Torus is a one piece spinning top from Billetspin. We have to look as far back as May 2016 for the last one piece top, the Paradox. Some customers were worried that the trend of Billetspin was headed toward [...]
  • Billetspin Bathgate
    The Billetspin Bathgate spinning top is a collaboration between the design of Chris Bathgate, and the manufacturing of Rich Stadler. This is the second collaboration top of 2016, the other being the Infected. Chris Bathgate is a sculptor by profession, [...]
  • billetspin infinity
    The Infinity spinning top from Billetspin strikes a middle ground in a number of ways. It is sandwiched between the announcement, and the release of the K2. It also fits somewhere between the competition long spinner Rich made for Top [...]
  • billetspin k2
    The K2 is the younger brother of the Billetspin Kraken spinning top. They are inextricably linked, however they both have very different upbringings and motivations. The K2 is not the Kraken 2, but is a nod to the design that [...]